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Articles: Pracownicy

01) Prof. dr. hab Krystyna Milecka (Head of Department of Biogeography and Palaeoecology)
Research interests:
  • Palaeoecology and palaeolimnology of Lobelia lakes
  • Post-glacial migration of some relic plants in Poland
  • Vegetation history of European Lowland with a special interest in regional features of Wielkopolska, Tuchola Forest, BiałowieĹźa Primeval Forest and North Germany.
  • Chronology of vegetation succession and human activity (palinological and radiocarbon AMS dating, laminated sediments)
  • Anthropogenic changes of plant cover with a special interest in Roman Period and early Middle Ages
  • Migration of trees, shrubs and some herbs in Poland in the light of isopollen maps
  • Modern pollen data (transfer function)

02) Prof. Kazimierz Tobolski
Research interests:
  • Historical and ecological plant geography
  • Geology and palaeoeceology, palaeohydrology of mires and lakes
  • Pollen analysis and plant macrofossils
  • Nature protection

03) Prof. dr hab. Zdzisław Bełka
Research interests:
  • Ancient submarine hydrothermal vents;
  • Ecology of ancient vent fauna;
  • Sedimentology of carbonate mud mounds;
  • Palaeoceanography of Palaeozoic oceans;
  • Records of climate changes during the Palaeozoic;
  • Nd isotopic evidence for sea-level fluctuations;
  • Devonian and Carboniferous conodont stratigraphy;
  • Conodont paleontology, biogeography and geochemistry;
  • Quantitative stratigraphy;
  • Depositional conditions of anoxic sediments;
  • Paleogeography of the Variscan realm;
  • Early Palaeozoic amalgamation of Central Europe;
  • Geology of the Holy Cross Mountains;
  • Holocene carbonate production in Jamaica;

04) Prof. UAM dr hab. Mariusz Lamentowicz (Head of the Laboratory of Wetland Ecology and Monitoring) & Visiting Professor at Poznań University of Life Sciences
Research interests:
  • Ecology and biogeography of testate amoebae
  • Ecology and palaeoecology of peatlands
  • Development of testate amoebae based transfer functions
  • Experimental ecology
  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions from peatlands with the special focus on the last millennium

05) Dr Grzegorz Kowalewski
More information see
Research interests:
  • Lake nad mire sediments
  • Plant and animal macrofossils
  • Taphonomy
  • Biogeography of wetlands plants and animals
  • Natural and anthropogenic changes of lakes and mires
  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from lakes and mires
  • Neogene palaeogeography - Late Vistulian and Holocene
  • Chronostratigraphy
  • Geomorphological processes forming sedimentary basins
  • Lake types and model of origin of lakes and mires

05) Dr hab. Mariusz Gał‚ka
Research interests:
  • plant macrofossil and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from lakes and mires in Europe and Africa
  • history of development Baltic raised bogs
  • palaeoecology of mountainous bogs in Central Europe
  • palaeoecology of Sphagnum
  • postglacjal history of Cladium mariscus in Europe
  • palaeoecology in nature conservation

06) Dr Piotr Koł‚aczek
[ Publications ]
Research interests:
  • Vegetation changes of the selected regions of Poland (Sandomierz Basin, Nowy Są…cz Beskid, Skalisko Basin, Uniejółw Basin, Orawa-Nowy Targ Basin and Tatras) and Western Ukraine (Dniestr valley) in the light of pollen and non-pollen palynomorphs analysis from the Eemian interglacial until modern times. Research on pollen record/modern vegetation relationships on mown meadows and xeric grasslands. Distribution and ecology of selected groups of microscopical fungi and algae.
  • Skills:
    • Pollen and non-pollen palynomorphs analysis;
    • Identification of vascular plants;

    • 07) Dr Barbara Fiał‚kiewicz-Kozieł
      Research interests:
      • history of human impact and reconstruction of heavy metal pollution using peat bogs
      • stable heavy metals isotopes and their use
      • archeology
      • physical and chemical properties of peat as a tool to interpret history of environmental changes

      08) Mgr Jan Barabach, PhD student
      Research interests:
      • Pollen analysis in environmental and climatic reconstructions
      • Human impact on the natural environment
      • Development of viniculture in central Europe
      • GIS in biogeography

      09) Mgr Katarzyna Marcisz, PhD student
      Research interests:
      • Peatland testate amoebae ecology and palaeoecology.
      • Seasonal variability of testate amoeba communities in relation to climate change and hydrology.
      • Geochemical analysis in palaeoenviromental reconstructions from lakes.

      11) Dr Michał Jakubowicz
      Research interests:
      • Sedimentology and geochemistry of hydrothermal vents and hydrocarbon seeps
      • Ecology and evolution of vent-type ecosystems
      • Ancient and modern deep-water carbonate buildups
      • Biotic vs. abiotic mechanisms of authigenic carbonate production
      • Devonian palaeogeography of north-western Gondwana
      • Sedimentology and geochemistry of carbonate rocks

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